The first Mileage transnational project meeting

The team of colleagues of the Mileage project, who come from three countries and six organizations, met live for the first time at a two-day working meeting (transnational project meeting) on the 27th-28th. March 2024 in Ljubljana. We devoted the working meeting to mutual learning, discussion of the professional foundations of the project topic, detailed planning of future project activities, and planning of communication outlines and activities. At the same time, all 14 participating in the meeting also got to know each other well and forged new personal and professional ties.

PutEUfore - Druga evalvacijska delavnica

V ponedeljek, 14. 6. 2024, smo se v hibridni obliki sestali v širšem timu, da bi preverili, kako poteka razvoj projekta. Skupaj z dr. Mitjem Sardočem in prof. dr. Tomažem Deželanom smo preverili, kako poteka projekt, ocenili dosedanje korake in načrtovali prihodnje.

eWBL - Uspešen zaključek usposabljanja v okviru spletnih delavnic “Praktično usposabljanje v digitalnem okolju” projekta Erasmus+
PutEUfore - Experiential conference held!

Although the weather forecast for Tuesday, 23 April, was poor, with even snow in the forecast, the atmosphere at the PutEUfore Experiential Conference at the Union Hotel in Ljubljana was excellent. Together with nine lecturers or workshop providers of different profiles, four of them from abroad, we held an eight-hour event for teachers of civic education and related subjects, who were joined by youth workers, students, head teachers, as well as workers from universities and other organisations. After an introductory lecture entitled "How to stop democratic decline through innovations in democratic citizenship" by Prof. Dr. T. Deželan and Dr. M. Sardoč ...

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