LJUBLJANA, 5.7.2022
FLECSLAB Follow-up meeting

Partners have met remotely on the first transnational meeting on 5 July 2022. First, the current state of affairs regarding the administrative part of the project and the activities carried out during this period was presented. A preliminary monitoring report was prepared for the Slovene National Agency, addressing most of the weaknesses identified during the project application and explaining how the implementation of the project will be monitored in the further phases.

Tomaž Deželan briefly presented a project management manual prepared for the FLECSLAB partnership.

Rosette S'Jegers gave an overview of the ongoing activities under WP1 - Toolbox for Lifelong Learning, noting that all planned activities have been carried out; of the 30 connected learning communities, 12 have been identified to determine the potential for lifelong learning. In the first round, these 4 test groups will be from the media and communication sector, urban education sector, health sector, and technology and business development sector.

Melina Delmas, a researcher at the University of Warwick, is currently engaged in documenting and analysing the core group of these communities.

Lieve Van den Brande, Chair of the Expert Committee (EC), shared that 10 members of the EC have been identified and the first meeting was held during Eutopia Week on June 29, 2022, in Brussels. Workshops to support and stimulate LLL offerings in each community will be held in Brussels in September or October 2022, and the Expert Committee will also play a role in these discussions.