SEEYW IO1 - Analyses of non-formal education and training programmes for youth workers and analysis of formal higher education programmes: report

The report's priority is based on the need for quality education and training for youth work. We set out to analyse the education and training needs of youth workers in Slovenia. The aim is to identify the education and training needs of youth workers in Slovenia, with a view to increasing the quality of youth work provision. The findings will present a profile of youth workers in Slovenia (who are youth workers, their educational pathways, motivation and job satisfaction, workplace conditions, support they need in terms of training and recognition...). In the first part, we looked at the existing opportunities for education and training of youth workers. This includes activities and training programmes in both countries that specifically target youth workers. They are mainly carried out by national umbrella and youth organisations. In addition, other programmes and activities have been identified that are being implemented by different actors in the formal and non-formal sector at all levels. This activity has provided valuable insight into how and where youth workers are currently being trained. In the second part, we looked at international research on the impact of education and training on youth workers and their organisations.