Blockchained Youth Work (BLOCKCHAIN)

The Blockchained Youth work project aims to support efforts to professionalise youth work through digital and innovative dimensions and to ensure the quality of educational practices in youth work. We want to highlight the solution of digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and performance as a top priority. The youth sector is undergoing a digital transformation, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. The youth sector, including young people, is increasingly ready to engage, learn and develop competences in digital frameworks. At the same time, youth workers need to be supported to carry out activities in a digital environment ...

Mentorship development for quality practices in higher education (MILEAGE)

Improving the quality of support system for study placements within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and stimulating innovative study placements by establishing permanent collaboration with Career Centers and NGOs, while adopting a student-centered approach, prioritizing the needs of students.

Flexible learning communities (FLECSLAB)

In November 2021, six founding partners of EUTOPIA Alliance were awarded in Erasmus+ (KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education) for the project “Flexible LEarning Communities Supporting Lifelong Learning Across Borders’” (FLECSLAB) submitted to National Agency for European Community Programmes and International Mobility Programmes in Slovenia. 

Development Pillar Funding (RSF) projects

The RSF funds are earmarked for the development of scientific research and infrastructure activities that contribute to the achievement of the objectives and results and the implementation of the measures and tasks in the field of scientific research defined in the strategic documents of the University of Ljubljana, the country and the European Union.The RSF funds are earmarked for the establishment of new research programmes, start-up programmes and proposals to increase the funding of research programmes, which are subject to the approval of the Senates of the Member States. The decision on the establishment of a new research programme, a start-up programme and the increase of the funding of a programme is made by the Senate of the University of Ljubljana (ULU) and is subject to the approval of the ULU Board of Management (ULU Board of Management).